AP Environmental Science

1. Check out course requirements at the college board website:


We will be using resources from the websites listed below. 

2.The textbook for this course is:

Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future, 11/E
Richard T. WrightGordon College
Dorothy BoorseGordon College 

ISBN-10: 0321598709
ISBN-13:  9780321598707

Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Copyright:  2011

3. There is one Formal Lab Report due each semester. Click the link at the right of the page to view the correct format to use when writing your report.

4. There is one project per quarter. These projects account for 20% of the course grade. Click the links at the top right of this page for detailed explanations.

5. The AP Environmental Science exam date has been set for Monday, May 6 2013, 8:00 a.m.. Students will practice AP exam test-taking skills and review prior AP exam material during class time throughout the academic year in preparation. 

6. Click on  'Links' at the right of this page for an extensive list of college board approved websites that are good resources for projects, papers and presentations.

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