The Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research Center:

Access Excellence: The National Health Museum: 


Air and Waste Management Association:

American Forests:

American Horticultural Society:

American Lung Association:

American Meteorological Society:

American Museum of Natural History Center for Biodiversity and Conservation:

American Rivers:

American Society for Horticultural Science:

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography:

American Water Works Association:

America’s Parks Online:

The Biota of North America Program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden:

Botanical Society of America:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

Center for a Sustainable Future:

Center for Clean Air Policy:

Center for Health, Environment and Justice:

Center for International Forestry Research:

Center for Science in the Public Interest:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation:

Clean Water Action:

Colorado School of Mines:

Community Transportation Association of America:


Conservation International:

Consumer Federation of America:

Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program:

Defenders of Wildlife:

Desert Research Institute:

Desert USA (basic information on desert ecosystems):

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.:

Earth First!:

Earth Island Institute:


Earthwatch Institute:

EE-Link (environmental education resources):

EnergyNet Community Web:

EnvirLink: The Online Environmental Community:

Environmental Action Foundation:

Environmental Defense:

Environmental Education site of the National Wildlife Federation:

Environmental Law Institute:

Environmental Literacy Council:

Environmental News Network:

Freedom from Hunger:

Friends of the Earth:

GIS Café.com (technology updates):

The GLOBE Program: Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment:

GREEN: Global Rivers Environmental Education Network:

Greenpeace, Inc.:

How the

Institute for Local Self-Reliance:

Institute of Global Environment and Society:—Weather for Active Lives:

 (weather forecasts)

International Planned Parenthood Federation:

The Izaak Walton League of America:

The Jane Goodall Institute:


Land Trust Alliance:

League of Conservation Voters:

National Audubon Society:

National Center for Atmospheric Research:

National Council for Science and the Environment:

National Park Foundation:

National Parks Conservation Association:

National Resources Defense Council:

National Tree Trust:

National Wildlife Federation:

The Nature Conservancy:

NatureServe: A Network Connecting Science with Conservation:

North American Cartographic Information Society:

The Ocean Conservancy:

Pathfinder Science Digital Monarch Watch:

PBS: Six Billion and Beyond: Population in the New Millennium (population information and population counter):

Physicians for Social Responsibility:

Planet Drum Foundation:

Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc.:

Population Action International:

Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth):

The Population Institute:

Population Reference Bureau:

Population Resource Center:

Project for Public Spaces: Urban Parks Online:

Project WILD:

Public Lands Information

Public Citizen:

Rachel Carson Council, Inc.:

Rainforest Action Network:

Rainforest Alliance:

Renew America:

Resources for the Future:

Rocky Mountain Institute:

The Rodale Institute:

Save Our Streams:

Science NetLinks:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

Sierra Club:

Society of American Foresters:

State PIRGs (public interest research groups):

The Stream Study (using macroinvertebrates):

The Student Conservation Association, Inc.:

Sustainable Agriculture Network:

Terraserver (aerial photographs):

The Trust for Public Land:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

The U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network:

Volcano World:

Water Environment Federation®

Water Environment Research Foundation:

Wild Ones—Native Plants, Natural Landscapes:

The Wilderness Society:

Wildlife Habitat Council:

Wildlife Management Institute:

The Wildlife Society:

World Population Clock:

World Resources Institute:

World Wildlife Fund:

Worldwatch Institute:

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