1. Course description. 

This course revolves around several interlocking big ideas: The cellular basis of life; information and heredity; matter and energy; growth, development and reproduction; homeostasis; evolution; structure and function; unity and diversity of life; interdependence in nature; and science as a way of knowing. The Regular Biology course places emphasis on core biology topics that form the basis for college-level courses. The Honors Biology course includes college-level topics.

2. The textbook for this course is Biology, 10th Edition, 2010, Miller, K.R. and Levine, J.S. Published by Prentice Hall

3. There is one Formal Lab Report due each semester. Click the link at the left of the page to view the correct format to use when writing your report.

4. There is one project per quarter. These projects account for 20% of the course grade. Click on the links at the left of this page for detailed explanations.


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