Charity of Choice

                                                                                Due Date: 10/20/2012

To Students and Parents. 

The second Global Issues Science Solutions project consists of two parts: 

I   Make a poster board about the great work being done by a Charity of your Choice.

II  Give a presentation to the class using the poster board and other visual aids (flyers, brochures etc) highlighting Charity success stories in various places around the globe.

   We will be discussing the work done by several highly effective charities in class including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Central Asia Institute. Students will research their own charity organization using the Internet and local connections including an interview with a representative of the organization in person or by telephone.

   Charity of Choice Rubric (Poster Board and Presentation)

Thoroughly research a charity. Use the internet to find a cause you care about and write an introductory paragraph about why you wanted to research this specific charity.  Engage your reader with a fascinating introduction or specific success story. 

Clearly summarize the work of the charity.  Describe who the charity helps, and in which countries the charity operates. Find out how many people the charity serves.  Identify who started the charity. When and why was it started? What is their annual budget? If I make a donation today what will the money most likely be used for? How does the charity decide where and how to spend funds?  See what other interesting information you can find. Show pictures, like the ones above, that clearly illustrate the purpose and mission of the charity.

Talk to someone from the charity personally. Use the telephone and call the organization. Charities make people available to share information with interested people. Make sure to do your research before contacting the organization and use that research to ask pertinent questions that start the conversation and keep it going. As you visit or talk with a person from the organization, take notes. Use those notes to add information to the research you already have. Your poster board and presentation should include the name and title of the person you talked to along with any information they provided. If you get the chance to talk to someone who has been helped by this charity include that as primary source material. Assess the effectiveness of the charity. Is it achieving its goals? How can you tell?

Tables and Graphs. Use Excel or a similar graphing program to illustrate data such as what percent of people needing help are getting help and what more is needed. Determine and show what percent of the money donated to the charity is used directly for stated goals and what percent is used indirectly for administration, transportation and other costs.

Resources and Bibliography. List Internet sources used, brochures or flyers, infomercials viewed, personal interviews and telephone calls.   

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